Retourtax Cover

Introducing Retourtax Cover
At Retourtax, our processes and systems are fundamental. In fact, we are so confident about our processes and systems, that – as a world first for the industry – we now offer you full cover against your claims. This means that in the very unlikely event that your valid claim is not successfully processed (acts of God or legally flawed claims excepted), we will honour the claim anyway and pay out the full refund you would have received.

With Retourtax’s unique business model, there are no charges. You pay nothing from the outset, and the only cost you incur is a contingent fee on successful claims. The same goes for Retourtax Cover – the cover is simply a nominal additional 2%* fee on the refunded amount, so you really cannot lose out.

There is zero risk and your claim is now guaranteed.

How do you claim? Quick and easy. No red tape, minimal paperwork, and as always, we do the admin for you, leaving you free to spend your time on what really matters – running your business.

Retourtax Cover. Another world-first from Retourtax.

* The service is automatically a part of your contract. If you feel you don’t require it, you must opt out.

* Please email if you need more information.

To review an example of the Retourtax Cover Terms and Conditions, please download the file below:

Terms and Conditions


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