A VAT refund in a few steps for you

  1. Inform us from which countries you would like to have a refund.
  2. Together with our company brochure we will send you the authorisationforms you need.
  3. Send all your original invoices containing European VAT to European VAT refund office Retourtax, together with the filled out authorisationforms and an original statement on the taxstatus of your company saying you’re liable to VAT or business taxes in your own country.
  4. Within one week European VAT refund office Retourtax gives you confirmation.
  5. European VAT refund office Retourtax takes care of the applications and sends them to the foreign tax administrations within one week.
  6. Within six months the tax administrations will pay the claimed VAT back. Six months is the maximum period it will take to assess your application; usually it goes faster.
  7. Your company reports the refund to Retourtax.
  8. European VAT refund office Retourtax sends you a commission invoice which you will have to pay within one week.

Note: European VAT refund office Retourtax works on a “no refund, no fee” basis. So, when a claim has been rejected, Retourtax won’t send an invoice.

Rejected claims
European VAT refund office Retourtax also submits claims that have been rejected. Send us the original invoices en we will again try to obtain a refund. In many cases our routine is successful. Just make sure you’ll send us your original receipts and a certificate from your tax authorities showing your company is registered for VAT in your country. American companies can enclose an IRS form 6166, obtainable at the Internal Revenue Service.

Your benefits
Claiming a VAT refund is not an easy job. You need to know the language and the legislation of the country you want a refund from. It saves your company a lot time and money if European VAT refund office Retourtax submits your claims. We know our languages en we know our way around in legislation in many countries. European VAT refund office Retourtax has all the know-how you need.

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