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Which countries refund VAT?
According to the 8th and 13th EU-directive all 27 member states must refund VAT charged to foreign companies. Some other countries also refund VAT. – see also table

Does Retourtax also claim incidental refunds for private persons?
No, Retourtax does not claim refunds for private persons.
Retourtax claims commercial refunds for companies and organizations, only

Is it only possible to reclaim VAT from EU Member States?
No, you can also claim refunds in Australia, Canada, Croatia, Iceland, Japan, Korea, Norway and Switzerland.

Which expenses are VAT refundable?

  • Trade fair participation: standrental, expenses of standbuiling, electrics, etc
  • Conferences and training
  • Fuel
  • Hotel and restaurant bills
  • Car rental
  • Services like transportation, loading and unloading, hiring a crane, etc.
  • Goods that stay in the country
  • Hired workers

How is VAT called in other countries?
VAT is called Mehrwertsteuer, BTW, IVA, TVA, MOMS, FPA, ALV, AFA, Adokulcs, DPH, Kaibemaks, Mervardeskatt, etc.

Is the VAT legislation similar in each country?
Unfortunately, tax legislation is different in each country. That makes it hard to successfully claim VAT refunds. If you send us your invoices, we will take care of your claim

How long does the VAT refund procedure take?
According to the 8th and 13th EU-directive, EU Member States should pay a refund within a period of six months. However, some Member Stateslike Germany, Austria, Spain and Luxembourg take more time to process VAT refund claims. Some Members States refund however within two months.

Can we expect problems with our tax authority if we send the original receipts to Retourtax?
No, Retourtax acknowledges the receipt of your invoices. Without the original invoices you will not get a refund. Every auditor or tax officer will understand you temporary do not have the original invoices. However, do not forget to copy the invoices for your own administration.

How often it is possible to reclaim a VAT refund?
European VAT refund office Retourtax can claim your VAT refunds four times a year. However, in Switzerland we can only claim a refund once a year.

When should our invoices be sent to Retourtax?
Invoices from the past year should be sent in before May 31st of the current year.

Does Retourtax charge a fee in case of a rejected refund?
No, European VAT refund office Retourtax works on a “no refund, no fee” basis. In case a claim gets rejected Retourtax does not ask a fee.

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