About Retourtax

Mission Statement
The VAT compliance group (Retourtax, BTW Consult Nederland and VAT compliance Europe) strives to be the address for the Dutch and international trade and industry concerning all possible VAT affairs.

For this purpose we are continuously keeping a eye on contracting high qualified academic (fiscal-legal) employees and on a continuously internal education, where an excellent knowledge of languages is a condition (native speakers), because “our” world becomes all the time bigger.

The interest of our clients is always the most important for us, because a satisfied client is the best advertisement.

About Retourtax

VAT Refund Specialists

Since 1985 European VAT refund office Retourtax, based in Doetinchem, The Netherlands takes care of VAT-refund claims for a large number of Dutch and foreign companies. Our clients vary from small companies to large multinationals from Europe, Japan, the United States, Canada, Taiwan, Korea and China.

For the specialists of European VAT refund office Retourtax it is a challenge to take care of often complicated foreign VAT reclaims. We are familiar with the differences in procedure in the various countries and the latest changes in legislation. Through our long time experience we have turned out to be the “real VAT refund specialists”. We will take care of all your VAT refund claims prompt and properly. European VAT refund office Retourtax works for over 1000 companies worldwide.

Registered at the Chamber of Commerce, Arnhem, The Netherlands, under number 09057723. Member of the International VAT Association, London and of VAT Forum, Brussels.

Tax representation

We also act as tax representative for foreign building- and trade companies. In those countries where registration is required, companies must appoint a tax representative before closing any transaction or as soon as their turnover reaches a certain threshold. European VAT refund office Retourtax is entitled to act as your tax representative in all countries of the EU.

Postal Addresses

European VAT refund office Retourtax
P.O. Box 355
NL-7000 AJ Doetinchem
The Netherlands

Hofstraat 22
NL-7001 CD Doetinchem
The Netherlands

Eiermarkt 5
D-46419 Isselburg

Visitors address
Het BTW Huis
Hofstraat 22
NL- 7001 CD Doetinchem
The Netherlands

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